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Water for Life Initiative

Water is essential to Life!

It’s a basic human necessity. Yet, almost 1 in 11 people on the planet right now still don’t have access to safe water.

703 million people are currently forced to use dirty, bacteria-infested water that makes them sick and robs them of their time, dignity, health, right to education, and the opportunity to live an abundant life. More than 829,000 are estimated to die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene. For many children, it’s a death sentence. *Source: UNICEF

Water for Life Africa PTC International Appeal

It costs $12,000 to transform a village through the provision of a deep-capped water well. You can sponsor your own well by donating to cover half the costs of a well or more and we will connect your donation to a specific village that needs a well. You will receive a well assignment report (like the one below), telling you of all the details of the village.


Every contribution helps us get closer to drilling a well and transforming a village!

For just $120, you can give 10 people access to clean water and the Living Water.

Some photos from our Past Africa Trip..

Water for Life Update

To date, we have provided water wells and community development to 57 communities in Africa. Below is an update of one of our latest wells to be dug where the people of Agotime Noepe have received access to safe water. This will transform their lives for generations to come. Our field Community Development team will also be going to the village to train the villagers in sanitation and hygiene practices as well as train the water committee to maintain the well.

Work like this would not be possible without your compassion and caring support for others.

Together we are able to reveal hope by sharing God’s unconditional love and restore life by demonstrating the gospel through compassionate action to those who are living in poverty, injustice and crisis around the world.