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Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief


“It’s now a race against time. . .Every minute, every hour that passes, the chances of finding survivors alive diminishes.” -Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization

Tens of thousands have died in Turkey and north-west Syria as a result of an enormous earthquake that struck southern Turkey at 4:17 am on February 6. 

Measuring at a magnitude of 7.8, this is the most powerful earthquake to be recorded in Turkey since 1939. A second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude occurred at 1:24 pm with the epicenter in Ekinozu / Kahramanmaras province. The Government of Turkey has declared a three month emergency in 10 provinces hit by the devastating earthquakes and several aftershocks.


The earthquake’s impact on north-west Syria is especially devastating, considering that 4.1 million people, primarily women and children, are already dependent on humanitarian assistance. In addition to the upheaval caused by the earthquake, Syrian communities are dealing with an on-going cholera outbreak and harsh winter weather, including heavy rain and snow.


Hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey and Syria are living in their vehicles, crowded into sports centers and shelters, or on the streets trying to keep warm with makeshift fires. Their homes are either a pile of rubble, significantly damaged or at great risk of becoming destroyed with each passing hour. Authorities fear that the final death toll could be much higher.


With severe winter storms currently sweeping through the region and compounding the misery for survivors, families urgently need life-saving shelter and assistance.

There is great fear and uncertainty for people affected by the devastating earthquake. 


Will you join us in praying and in providing life-saving emergency aid to those in Turkey and Syria?   DONATE NOW

Through our local partners in both Turkey and Syria, we are providing much-needed items such as food, water, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, heaters, power suppliers (generators, power banks) and winter clothing. GAiN worldwide is responding to the situation together.


Those affected are in desperate need of hope, peace, provision and protection. The need for aid is critical. 


We can’t do anything for those who have passed away, but we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to the survivors who are alive, hurting and grieving. We must offer them hope in what really seems like a hopeless situation.

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