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On the 15th of January, 2022, a volcano off the coast of Tonga erupted causing severe damage from widespread toxic volcanic ash and tsunami waves and a communication blackout. With communication partially restored, several deaths were reported and thousands have been left to deal with the destruction caused. The tsunami waves and toxic ash have polluted water and food sources and destroyed homes and businesses.


On top of this, an intake of humanitarian aid from around the world has resulted in COVID spreading to Tonga for the first time. Thankfully, 61% of the Tongan population is vaccinated. However, as we have experienced in Australia, these higher rates of vaccination do not protect you from the high impact which lockdown has on mental wellbeing and daily life.


Would you help us reach those in need during this difficult time?
The immediate needs of many Tongans has been met through other organisations delivering food, shelter and clean water. Therefore, for the time being, GAiN Australia is focused on providing high pressure water cleaners, vacuums and face masks to help respond to the widespread volcanic ash and protection against a potential COVID outbreak.


Through God’s grace, this is an opportunity to show compassion and give HOPE to our neighbours in Tonga.