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Meet Our Team

Jiji Skariah

Executive Director

“What I love about GAiN is, that we follow the examples of the ministry of Jesus. Matthew 25:40 says “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” We cannot be a real Christian without following the compassion and love Jesus showed us. Serving the people living in poverty and injustice by revealing hope and restoring life is my passion in serving God.

Please join a short-term medical mission to see how you can experience the unconditional love of God by serving and loving people who are different.”

Obi Thomas


“I became interested in GAiN when my friend Jiji Skariah joined the organisation. I was inspired that Jiji, an engineer like me, would give up his profession to become involved in humanitarian work. I attended the GAiN 2013 Medical Mission to Myanmar and loved the experience where we could minister to the health needs of people and share the love of God with them at the same time. In 2017, after the NSW Council mergers had taken place, I decided to leave Council and make a change in my future direction. The Lord opened to me an opportunity in GAiN. By the grace of God, I joined in 2018 as a volunteer and progressed to join the team. I value the mission of GAiN in Revealing Hope and Restoring Life to people and communities in the countries served by GAiN Australia.”

Gary & Jan Speckman

Member Care

“After 40-year involvement with Power to Change, we decided to shift our focus to the humanitarian trust of GAiN because their mission statement resonated with our personal desire…” to demonstrate the love of God by revealing hope and restoring lives through relief and development projects for people in crises and poverty.”

My first medical mission (Gary) was to the Philippines just before Covid 19 shut the world down in early 2020. A primary “takeaway” for me was observing firsthand how vital it was to work in close partnership with national medical workers to provide administrative assistance and supplementary financial resources to effectively assist healthcare services for communities in need.”

Melanie Bodo

Partnerships & Communications

“I love being part of the team at GAiN. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with incredible people all over the world, while serving those we encounter. By working towards meeting the physical needs of people by providing health care, emergency aid or clean water, we have the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs also and share the love of God with them. No matter which country we are in, our vision remains the same, to reveal hope and restore life.”

Benny Wayman


“For a long time I have had the desire to do humanitarian work, but it was always hindered with excuses. However, God rewrote my plans, by planting me in the midst of the 2013 Super Typhoon Hainan, whilst holidaying in Philippines. I felt God’s call, after seeing the devastation there and without any hesitation volunteered for the 2014 GAiN Philippines Medical Mission.   I continued this on a yearly basis and also in other countries such as Cambodia and India.  Since retiring in 2017, I have  also been volunteering in the Sydney GAiN  office.  My greatest realisation about serving in God’s work was not only about making a difference in others’ lives but in fact, it’s impact on my own life, building and growing closer to His purpose for me.”

Semona & Michael

Projects & Communications

“It is God’s mission, the message is about Him, the power is from Him, the directions are given by Him! At GAiN we take the message of love to the nations through faith in action. Michael has a background in project management and continues bringing those skills to the projects at GAiN. Semona is involved in the networking and liaising with other organisations and donor relations.

They are also involved in the creative aspects and are a part of the communications team as well.


 Joining GAiN is a heart’s desire fulfilled, learning something new every day while giving our best to see lives transformed is an experience that cannot be explained.”

Jessica Starkins

WASH Project Manager – Community Health

“I serve at GAiN because GAiN cares for each person individually rather than the masses, which is something I got to witness first hand when I visited the field with the GAiN team. For each person that comes to the mobile medical clinic, time is taken to ensure that they are taken care of and feel the love of Jesus when we greet them with a smile, listen to their concerns and play with their children. Just as Jesus demonstrated through his time on earth, GAiN strives to make every person feel cared for.”

Jacob Idiculas


Jacob Idiculas has been part of GAiN Australia since 2013 first as an ordinary onlooker, a volunteer and then as the Chief Operating Officer till the end of 2019 when he turned 70. He now continues to serve as a volunteer in the GAiN team.


Psalm 37:4 “Be delighted with the Lord. Then He will give you all your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him to help you do it and He will.”

Stanley Thomas


“I joined Gain about 6 years ago in Sydney. I have not been on any medical missions so far. I am there to help the good people I work with to help in any way to assist needy people in the world.”

Join our Team

GAiN is working to involve people in finding ways to respond with humility and generosity to the broken and hurting world we live in. We need more people to achieve this aim.


• Do you have skills in project management and operations? 

• Are you interested in finance or communications? 

• Do you have skills in managing social media? 


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then GAiN needs you! If this vision has grabbed your attention, and you want to become part of the work full-time, you may be interested in joining the GAiN team. 

Your role could be coordinating much-needed projects to a particular country, informing GAiN donors and partners of the vital work that their support is enabling, or providing efficient reporting and management of finances associated with specific projects. 

What you contribute on an operational level would be an essential part of demonstrating unconditional love to suffering people across the world.

Interested in joining us?

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“The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.” And we know this to be true!

The GAiN team is made up of Power to Change Missionaries who volunteer their time with GAiN.

Like many other Christian charities, Power to Change team members raise funds to cover their own salary and expenses. With plenty of training and help, missionaries develop a team of people who regularly pray for them, encourage them, and give financially towards their work. While this can seem daunting, for over 40 years God has provided for hundreds of Australian Missionaries in this way. 


If you want to know more about the roles available, please get in contact with us to discuss the routes and options available to apply, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

Choose the perfect role for you:

We are currently looking for people to join us full or part-time to work with our central GAiN team based in Sydney in the following roles. Perhaps you have a passion to use your gifts to serve in this way or you know someone who does:

Operations Manager: to serve as the operational anchor of GAiN, managing and overseeing projects, programmes and partnerships. This person will bring their skills and experience to give leadership to the growth and structure of GAiN over the next 5 years.


Marketing & Comms Officer: Involving people is the heartbeat of GAiN and expressing our key messages to volunteers, donors, businesses and churches is essential to inviting people to be part of the network.


Donor Relations: Building strong relationships with those who are giving is essential for there to be a meaningful connection to those whose lives are being impacted. This role will see that priority is developed and maintained through investing time with those who give financially and seek to better understand what motivates them to give.

Mission Trips Manager: Our opportunities to go overseas with GAiN project teams is a significant way for someone to give their time and skills as well as be impacted themselves as they go to serve. This role requires great people skills and is for someone who is organisationally sharp to ensure a smooth running of our teams right from the planning stages through to returning home and evaluations.


Logistic Coordinator: The collection of Gifts in Kind (GIK) is a key strategy for GAiN in seeking to bring a very practical demonstration of help to people facing crisis and poverty. This role is suitable for someone who loves to be hands on, is highly organised and able to relate well to people whether it’s a business who wants to make a donation or with volunteers who are giving their time to help sort and pack the items ready to send.

Why Melanie serves with GAiN

Interested in joining GAiN?

If you want to know more about the roles available, please get in contact with us to discuss the routes and options available to apply. We’d love to hear from you! Email us at