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Sharing God's Love in the Philippines

Benny Wayman has been a faithful volunteer at GAiN for almost a decade. Her latest trip to the Philippines was her seventh Medical Mission with GAiN and her third to the Philippines. As a retired nurse she plays an important role in our medical mission teams. On her return from her latest trip with GAiN, Benny shared with us about the mission.

“My experience with GAiN over the last nine years has been very special and an amazing eye opener to how healthcare can be adapted to different settings and circumstances. Despite facing obstacles, challenges and exhaustion, we are time and time again energised and encouraged as our Lord promised in Romans 15:5. This is an example of our God “who gives endurance, encouragement” and succumbs all barriers.          

Life is tough for many people, and often a small gesture of practical kindness can encourage and lift their spirits. We had the opportunity to introduce LuoPads which are reusable sanitary hygiene pads for women made from recycled flannelette sheets and towels. Many women and girls face challenges when managing their menstrual cycle. The extra added cost of commercial sanitary pads puts a strain on women and many resort to using rags as hygiene pads. In some situations, if any commercial sanitary pads are accessible, then women attempt to reuse them by washing them, which is not feasible. 

We were also able to explore social and economic sustainability of the LuoPad Project, as well as an environmentally friendly option.  Four local women who owned sewing machines, one from Aklan and the other three from Kalibo region, eagerly took on the opportunity to participate in this proposition.  We provided them with training, design templates and pre-cut samples of the flannelette pieces with towelling material inserts to kick start the process.

There is no greater gift than service to others as it says in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven”.  Whilst going on these trips was to give something back to others, on the other hand, I end up taking so much more home with me from all the beautiful volunteers and partners I have served beside and most importantly the people I had the honour of serving.

Not only does it build and enrich me with the gifts of giving, loving, sharing, patience, understanding but also provides me with a plethora of skills of team building, time management and collaboration.

Our “witness marks” may seem like small things but all the kindness can have a lasting impact and they can make a vital difference in someone’s life. Through these works and acts, God opens the right door and often gives opportunities, to share His love.”