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PMM 2022 Participants

With three months to go until the start of the mission, your priority now is to raise a team of ministry partners who will give financially to help make this mission possible for you, as well as partner with you and the team in prayer. We call this process Ministry Partner Development (MPD).


Cecilia Au will be your support coach.


Please make a time soon to go through the MPD Manual with her and she will guide you through the process. Your financial goal is $3500.


In order to ensure you are able to finish your MPD in time, and to enable us to make flight and accommodation bookings here are the deadlines for PMM:
· 19th September: $1000 due
· 3rd October: $2000 due
· 17th October: $3500 due


All donations will be collected through the GAiN website giving page, not the Summer Missions giving page that you may have used on previous local missions. Any donations made through the GAiN website are tax deductible so you should let all your potential ministry partners know about this. They will be emailed a tax deductible receipt by our finance team in the days following their donation.


This is the link to the giving site that you can send to your potential ministry partners:


Your giving page will show how much of your goal you have raised so far but it will not be updated directly after a donation as it needs to be confirmed by our team first. Each Thursday your give page will be updated to show the correct amount raised. You will also receive a spreadsheet with the names of all your ministry partners and the amounts donated so you can contact them and thank them.


To set up your donation page, would you please reply to this email with a photo of yourself and a brief blurb.

• PHOTO: When thinking through whether a photo is appropriate or not, it could be helpful to use the following question as a guide: ‘Is this photo appropriate to show a supporting church or ministry partner?’. Ideally, the photo should be clear and of yourself alone or in a smaller group of 3 or 4 people.

• BLURB: This is where you get to describe to your supporters why you decided to go on this Summer Mission. Please keep it to 2-3 sentences. Avoid using words such as ‘evangelise’, ‘convert’, or ‘sharing the gospel’ instead you could say something like ‘We will be sharing God’s love’.


Please suggest to all of your ministry partners that they use the safe, secure, user-friendly Online Give Site rather than giving you a cash gift. If you do receive cash you can deposit it at a Commonwealth bank using the details below:
BSB: 062 271
Acc Number: 1011 5657
Reference: Your last name and donor’s last name


Please email us at when you deposit cash at a bank so we can allocate the donation to you. Please email us the name, email, phone number and postal address of your ministry partner and the amount that they donated so we can send them their tax deductible receipt.

We are excited to see how God is going to provide both prayer and financial partners for you as you faithfully trust and serve Him on mission.