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We are so grateful for those that were involved in helping to make LuoPads in 2022. Together, we made 400 LuoPads that were distributed to 65 women in the Philippines. The women were extremely grateful for the pads and shared that they were previously using old rags or clothing as they cannot afford disposable pads. The LuoPads were distributed during a GAiN Medical Mission in December where we ran clinics in rural communities in Manito, Albay. Here, the people are regarded as fifth class, where work is found in farming and fishing. The team gifted packs to young women in need and taught them how to use the pads, and how to wash and dry them.

GAiN had previously donated sewing machines to a community centre in this same region in 2020 following a devastating typhoon. Having access to a sewing machine meant we were able to share LuoPads sewing instructions with a group of women. 

A local volunteer Bethel Joy Santos shared, “Instead of joining the rest of the team to recuperate on Saturday afternoon after a long week of medical missions and a wonderful morning with the Tiwala scholars, Nathania and Hillary (both part of the GAiN Australian team) accompanied by 2 Tiwala staff and 3 volunteers including myself, commuted to Barangay Victory excited to meet and introduce reusable sanitary pads to the mothers there. 


Since these mothers are in fact our beloved beneficiaries of the sewing livelihood program, Nathania was delighted to find them not only genuinely intrigued but also lightning quick to replicate and even improve the pads, “I didn’t have to teach them anything! They are the experts—they should be teaching me!” The informal workshop felt light and familiar, even though a few of us had met only for the first time and did not even speak Filipino and/or their local dialect. This, I feel, tells us a bit of how much God has been working here through GAiN, that those we’ve ministered and continue to be ministering to have gotten more open to receiving and also giving blessings to others. Shortly before the team prayed for these mothers, they seemed really enthusiastic to pass on to others what they had just learned. To God be the glory!”

Nathania shared, “The luopads were definitely such a big blessing to the locals and I’m so glad we were able to bless them through such ‘basic needs’ that we take for granted. Not only do they help individuals with their menstrual hygiene, but it is also a means of work/income for the women in the sewing livelihood program.”