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LuoPads Project

What are LuoPads?

LuoPads are handmade, washable feminine pads that are made and given to women and girls in countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, India and Africa. We make them across Australia and the finished packs are then sent to the GAiN mission team for distribution. Alongside the mobile clinics in villages, we run training sessions (with a translator if needed) for the women and girls, educating them on how to use and maintain LuoPads, followed by evangelism. 


To empower the women and girls in these countries, we also bring materials to demonstrate how to make their own LuoPads in order for future generations to have the same opportunity and share the blessing with others. 

Luo means to set free.

Women and girls around the world face challenges when managing their menstrual cycle, which is a basic need for women every month. Many of them use unsanitary materials (such as leaves or newspapers) or don’t have access to affordable products. In some situations, if any commercial sanitary pads are accessible, then they attempt to reuse them by washing them, which isn’t feasible.

The majority of schoolgirls in one study in the Philippines used folded pieces of cloth or old clothing. Girls restricted their movements when they used a cloth for fear of it falling. Although cloths are convenient, they don’t prevent leaks as well as sanitary pads and can also be unhygienic. That’s why we’re so passionate about making these LuoPads!


Our Goals for the LuoPads Project is to:

• provide a sustainable solution to menstrual hygiene for women.
• help restore dignity as women reclaim control of their health.
• allow women to continue supporting their families during their periods.

• empower and support women through education.

• demonstrate the love of Jesus to women through word and deed.

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Can you or someone you know sew?

We’d love for you to help make some LuoPads using your sewing skills. No idea where to start? Don’t worry, you’ll be provided with instructions and templates. If you’re interested in hosting a LuoPads making event, please email us at

Would you consider supporting the continuation of The LuoPads Project?