Community Development

Once a deep-capped well is provided, villages can get involved with additional opportunities that continue to enhance and improve their community.

Some of these opportunities include:

Borehole Committee Training – In every village where GAiN provides a water well, a gender balanced borehole committee is elected. GAiN provides training for the committee in well maintenance, repair and best water-use practices. Establishing this group encourages community ownership, sustainability, and provides citizens an opportunity to govern the gift of water that has been provided.


Hygiene and Sanitation Training – Often, many people in developing nations do not understand what causes their illnesses. To improve the overall health of communities, trained GAiN facilitators educate people about sanitation and hygiene practices.


Gender Sensitivity Training* – In various communities, women are devalued and may even experience abuse. Yet, through this training, women’s lives are made easier as it alleviates the suffering, creates awareness of issues related to gender, and provides women with dignity in the village.


Family Health Training* – Women are usually responsible for water collection, hygiene and sanitation, child rearing and caring for the sick. These teams train and equip women in the village to actively improve the health and hygiene of their families and communities.


Medical & Dental Clinics* – Occasionally clinics are provided to help address any illnesses and disease caused by years of contaminated water.


Regional Repair – We train individuals as Regional Repair Representatives who then work with the local water committee to keep the water well in good working condition.


Hand Washing Stations* – Regular hand washing is perhaps one of the most effective ways to prevent water-borne diseases. We provide a simple hand washing station, complete with soaps and skilled in-country facilitators who educate villagers on hand washing and sanitation issues.


*In select countries

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