Providing capped water wells of safe, pure, disease-free drinking water for the thirsty.

Give Water. Give Life.

According to the World Health Organization, a child dies from a preventable disease associated with lack of clean water every 90 seconds, 844 million people around the world have no access to safe drinking water and every year, 1 million people die from water-related diseases.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Often, just 80 meters below their feet are aquifers of pure, disease-free drinking water. By providing a deep-water well, we can help to break the cycle of disease and death and transform communities for a lifetime.

GAiN Australia – Water for Life

GAiN alongside our partners seek to change this. By providing wells, the access to the water so close means that they don’t have to drink from rivers, lakes, rain water, and other water sources that can be easily unclean. Clean water is a vital part of growth and development for the needy people of this world. By donating you can help make a difference.

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A Village in Need

We have a goal to come alongside another 1,000 villages and provide them with clean water. Seva Kope is one of them.

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Community Development

Once a deep-capped well is provided, villages can get involved with additional opportunities that continue to enhance and improve their community.

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A Million More

Our dream is to see another 1,000,000 people impacted in 5 years.

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Future Plans

As we look to the future, our desire is to grow our program and expand our impact even wider and deeper into the communities.

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