Provision of emergency food, water, shelter and clothing.


Turn on any television channel. Read any newspaper. It seems like every day we awake to a new crisis somewhere in the world. We are ready to mobilize resources when disaster strikes. Our network of offices around the world enables us to leverage each other’s distribution networks and respond quickly with needed emergency humanitarian aid. Partnering with like-minded NGOs in-country, which show integrity and accountability, synergizes an even greater impact in delivering this aid to the areas with the most critical needs.


GAiN Australia – GAiN’s Disaster Assistance and Response Team (DART)

Earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, violent conflict. We are increasingly aware of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Are you impacted by such devastating news and want to give in a practical, tangible way? To not just give money, but to actually go to the disaster area and help those in need? Here is your opportunity to Be the Change and Give Hope.

Since 2012, GAiN has been building a team of international volunteers trained to be sent to disaster areas worldwide and provide efficient, effective, professional-quality assistance and support. DART is a team of trained volunteers who deploy when a disaster strikes. The DART team provides assistance in the form of food and clothing distribution, shelter provision, medical advice and trauma counselling, as well as initiating long-term reconstruction and development projects.

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