Our deep desire and commitment is to continue revealing hope and restoring life to people living in crisis and injustice, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. The virus has reached the three countries that we serve through medical missions each year. Although we have had to cancel all of our remaining 2020 medical missions our local partners continue serving those in need and have asked for our help. People in India, Cambodia and the Philippines have been living under lockdown for weeks. With no work opportunities, people are struggling to provide for their families. We are joining hands with local community leaders and churches to help some of the most affected people and we’re doing this in two ways. 

1. Essential item kits for the most vulnerable within our projects

Migrants, daily labourers, farmers, garment factory workers, all have been hit hard by the lockdown in India, Cambodia and the Philippines. Some feel that dying from the virus is better than dying of hunger. Our local partners are providing people in need with weekly essential item kits of food and hygiene products to sustain them during this difficult period. You can support 1 family for 3 months by donating $150.


2. Financial Assistance for Community Workers

We work with many community workers in remote villages across India, Cambodia and the Philippines who are supported by their local churches. The extended lockdown situation has resulted in the discontinuation of church services and the loss of jobs and income for these people. Community workers need assistance during this time until restrictions ease. You can support 1 community worker and their family for 3 months by donating $200.


This crisis has put us in a position to share the love of God with people all over the world. During this time of unprecedented global adversity, you can help make a difference in countries that may not be as equipped to deal with the virus and its impending consequences.

Together, when we reach out with care as well as address both immediate and tangible needs, we help those impacted by this crisis discover the peace that only Jesus can bring.

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