GAiN has responded and we need your help! Our deep desire and commitment is to continue revealing hope and restoring life to people living in crisis and injustice. The virus has reached every country that we work in, affecting all of our projects to varying degrees. Each country has its own urgent and unique need and we continue to respond in the following four ways that will continue to connect people, especially women and children who are among some of the most vulnerable, with resources that provide hope, faith and life. 


1. Essential Item Kits


In India, migrants and daily labourers have been hit hard by the lockdown. Some of them feel that “dying from the virus is better than dying of hunger”. The daily labourers are experiencing great difficulty with diminished work opportunities and resources. It is assumed that it will take at least 2-3 months for these people to get back to their jobs, even if the situation improves. Our local partner, India Campus Crusade for Christ is providing essential supplies to families in multiple locations across the country to sustain them in this difficult period. This will be carried out through local churches and other community leaders.


Barangay UP and Payatas are two communities in the Philippines that have been previously visited by GAiN medical mission teams. They are now in desperate need of emergency relief. Our local church partner, Jesus the Living Church, is providing immediate relief by distributing essential item kits and is in need of resources to continue serving the most vulnerable in these communities.


The report that we have received from our local partner in Cambodia is that many people are suffering and in dire need of essential items and about 25% of people that they minister to are in desperate need. The most vulnerable during this time are the sick, elderly and disabled, as well as those with large families to provide for. The people within our projects in rural areas mainly work as farmers or garment factory workers. With markets and factories closed, this leaves many in need. Our local partners are providing people with essential item kits of food and hygiene products to sustain them during this difficult period. You can support 1 family for 3 months by donating $150.


2. Financial Assistance for Community Workers

We work with many community workers in remote villages across India, Cambodia and the Philippines who are supported by their local churches. The extended lockdown situation has resulted in the discontinuation of church services and the loss of jobs and income for these people. Community workers need assistance during this time until restrictions ease. You can support 1 community worker and their family for 3 months by donating $200.


3. WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)

“The provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions is essential to protecting human health during all infectious disease outbreaks, including the COVID-19 outbreak,” states the World Health Organization. As a result, our Water for Life Initiative teams in Benin, Togo and Tanzania are:

  • engaging with public health experts and local governments to complement country strategies
  • supplying low-cost handwashing stations and soaps and community health promotion
  • supporting local, village-level clinics with protective equipment (gloves, masks and sanitizers) and handwashing stations
  • implementing a temporary Pastor Support Program with over 400 pastors in Benin to encourage them to take a more active role in the COVID prevention programming and to sustain them and their churches through the crisis


4. Emergency Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

In coordination with our global GAiN offices, emergency COVID-19 disaster response teams were sent to Lesbos, Greece to respond to the evolving crisis at Camp Moria. Home to 20,000 refugees fleeing conflicts in the Middle East, this refugee camp was only built for 3,000. Resources to support the refugees were already stretched and now it's even harder to continue to provide much-needed care and support. Teams are distributing critical items such as hygiene sanitation goods, baby food, diapers, clothing and sleeping bags as well as building an isolation unit for active COVID cases.


God continues to move through His church and we are inspired by believers who are compelled to respond practically and are passionate about sharing the hope of Jesus to those living in despair, anxiety and fear. The spread of COVID-19 across the world has shown that we are all connected beyond borders, and that our decisions and actions in one country can have a significant impact in other countries. It’s how we respond as Christians to this global crisis, with love, courage and selflessness, that sets us apart.


This crisis has put us in a position to share the love of God with people all over the world and we need your help! The World Bank predicts that “with more people living close to the international poverty line the developing world, low- and middle-income countries will suffer the greatest consequences in terms of extreme poverty.


During this time of unprecedented global adversity, will you partner with us to respond with compassionate activity and the transforming power of Jesus Christ in countries that may not be as equipped to deal with the virus and its impending consequences?


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