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Came to Inspect, Left to Introspect

Day 9 of the GAiN India Medical Mission 2023. Location: Rebbena, Telangana, India. 

Story as told by Mr. Ashok to the mission team on the 17th of August 2023

I’m Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police, Mr. Ashok, with over 18 years of service. Life has been so busy, and I do not have easy access to medical facilities. So, when I heard about India Campus Crusade for Christ conducting a medical camp in the neighbouring village of Rebbena, I knew I had to make time for it.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted by the dedicated volunteers. They took down some basic information like my age, height and weight, which they said would be helpful for the doctors. They promptly directed me to get my blood pressure and sugar levels tested. To my surprise, the blood pressure reading came back high, a health concern I had been unaware of until that moment.

India Medical Mission Trip 2023 Global Aid Network Australia India Campus Crusade for Christ

The local volunteers immediately took me under their care and arranged for me to consult with a general physician, Dr. Bruce. He patiently listened to my concerns and talked to me about medication and making lifestyle changes to manage my high blood pressure. I also mentioned my persistent knee pain, and they swiftly arranged for me to see the orthopaedic specialist. He prescribed some medication and recommended a consultation with the physiotherapist. The therapist was kind and understanding. She demonstrated exercises that could alleviate my knee pain, giving me hope for a more comfortable future. That’s when I learned there was a dentist at the camp. He examined me and suggested that one of my teeth needed extraction. Seeing his well-equipped setup and the confidence in his eyes, I agreed, and the procedure turned out to be quick and painless. 


Next up was the ophthalmologist, who gave me a clean bill of health for my eyes. Finally, I was directed to the pharmacy, where I received a supply of medications to take home—all free of charge. 


What truly amazed me was that everyone who came to the camp, just like me, received free consultations, medications, and, for some, even spectacles. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude toward the entire team for their selfless dedication and hard work throughout the day. 


Regrettably, duty called, and I had to return to work. However, before I left, I made a heartfelt request. I shared that my own village was in dire need of such services, and I implored the team to consider visiting there in the future. I couldn’t help but emphasize the tremendous need for medical missions like this one to reach the unreached in our communities.

India Medical Mission Trip 2023 Global Aid Network Australia India Campus Crusade for Christ

This story serves as a testimony to how everybody, regardless of their background or profession, is treated with dignity and respect at these Medical Missions. The need is immense, and it’s clear that more missions are required to touch people’s lives. 


The GAiN India Medical Missions 2023, organised by GAiN Australia in collaboration with India Campus Crusade for Christ, took place in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from August 7 to August 18, 2023. This initiative deserves commendation for its aim to tackle substantial healthcare disparities in underserved communities. These communities have struggled for an extended period with severely restricted or nearly absent access to vital medical services.

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