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After pausing our medical missions for over two years due to the pandemic, we are so pleased that our first Health and Hygiene Education Project took place in Cambodia at the beginning of March.


 We have partnered with Borin Touch and his team at Campus Crusade for Christ Cambodia for many years to bring medical assistance to people through our medical missions. Our teams have seen the need for education as a preventative measure and developed this project to bring health and hygiene education to villages in Cambodia.


The project took place in the Tboung Khmum region of Cambodia, where people struggle to meet their daily needs. The people in this province earn their income through rice farming or working at rubber tree plantations. Many children cannot pursue an education because their families cannot afford it. When people fall ill, they often cannot afford treatments. Many have not been educated about health and hygiene, so simple practices like brushing teeth or washing hands are not part of their everyday routines. 


To combat this, our team visited four villages to bring education to 640 children and adults. The aim of this mission was that people would learn to implement healthy changes in their lives that will result in healthier individuals and communities. This focus on prevention can help to avoid a future need for treatment, and therefore avoid unforeseeable costs to families.


The training was provided by a volunteer team of 31 Cambodian medical students and young professionals from the health sector with a heart to serve the community. Our local partner is passionate about raising the next generation of compassionate Christian leaders in Cambodia and views missions like these as an opportunity to expose young people to poverty and how they can be a part of combating it. 


Due to COVID, we are yet to send volunteer teams from Australia to serve in our overseas missions but during the Health and Hygiene Project we were able to pilot a hybrid digital mission where a team of four people from GAiN Australia in Sydney joined the Cambodian team via video call each morning for a time of prayer, devotion, encouragement and planning before they set out for the day.


We are still raising funds to cover the cost of this mission. Would you partner with us to bring health and hygiene education to Cambodians and help to raise up the next generation of compassionate leaders in Cambodia?


The cost to train one person in health and hygiene practices is $10. You can provide education to 10 people with a tax-deductible donation of $100 or a whole village for $1500.



Thank you for your prayers and generosity. This mission is evidence that our God’s Kingdom work continues despite the circumstances.