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Help us demonstrate the love of God by revealing hope and restoring life around the world. Your donation will impact the lives of those who are in need and that is why your partnership with us is greatly appreciated.

Jiji Skariah

CEO - GAiN Australia

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"What I love about GAiN is, that we follow the examples of the ministry of Jesus. Matthew 25:40 says “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” We cannot be a real Christian without following the compassion and love Jesus showed us. Serving the people living in poverty and injustice by revealing hope and restoring life is my passion in serving God.

Please join a short-term medical mission to see how you can experience the unconditional love of God by serving and loving people who are different.

Executive Director


" I serve at GAiN because GAiN cares for each person individually rather than the masses, which is something I got to witness first hand when I visited the field with the GAiN team. For each person that comes to the mobile medical clinic, time is taken to ensure that they are taken care of and feel the love of Jesus when we greet them with a smile, listen to their medical concerns and play with their children. Just as Jesus demonstrated through his time on earth, GAiN strives to make every person feel cared for."

WASK Project Manager – Community Health


“I will always thank God for the brothers and sisters with whom I spent time with on the medical missions. Their lives, how they love, the kindness they show, and the hard work they undertake, has encouraged me greatly, even years after the medical missions. I went into the medical missions not knowing exactly what to expect, but I came home with an unforgettable experience and stories of God’s goodness. For anyone thinking of going on a project, I strongly encourage it. I believe, and I pray, that God will use it to encourage your heart and strengthen you in every good deed and word, the way it has for me.”



" I became interested in GAiN when my friend Jiji Skariah joined the organisation. I was inspired that Jiji, an engineer like me, would give up his profession to become involved in humanitarian work. I attended the GAiN 2013 Medical Mission to Myanmar and loved the experience where we could minister to the health needs of people and share the love of God with them at the same time. In 2017, after the NSW Council mergers had taken place, I decided to leave Council and make a change in my future direction. The Lord opened to me an opportunity in GAiN. By the grace of God, I joined in 2018 as a volunteer and progressed to join the team. I value the mission of GAiN in Revealing Hope and Restoring Life to people and communities in the countries served by GAiN Australia."



After 40-year involvement with Power to Change, we decided to shift our focus to the humanitarian trust of GAiN because their mission statement resonated with our personal desire..."to demonstrate the love of God by revealing hope and restoring lives through relief and development projects for people in crises and poverty."

My first medical mission (Gary) was to the Philippines just before Covid 19 shut the world down in early 2020. A primary "takeaway" for me was observing firsthand how vital it was to work in close partnership with national medical workers to provide administrative assistance and supplementary financial resources to effectively assist healthcare services for communities in need.

One hot day after a long, tiring and "taxing" day we decided to pull our four vans over to the side of the road for a "coconut stop". By the time we were all served, we heard a number of sirens about a kilometer ahead of us on the main road. We all jumped in the vans (identified by signage as "GAiN Medical mission") and "sat" on our horns clearing the way to a car/motorcycle accident...where six doctors rapidly unloaded and rendered care to a bleeding "victim". The unplanned, but timely, stop was applauded by the local police at the scene, who thanked us profusely for offering medical assistance.

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Medical Missions

We run short-term medical missions in the Philippines, Cambodia and India, working with local teams to ensure the work continues even after the short-term teams leave.


Water for Life Initiative

We have an initiative to bring safe drinking water to local communities in Africa. GAiN is able to provide the local community with clean water, health education and other development opportunities.


Disaster Relief

We respond to major disasters when there is a need through our global connections.


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None of our Missionaries' are paid a salary, they all raise their own support to manage their expenses. Your financial support will be a blessing to them.

While Global Aid Network (GAiN) seeks to honour the expressed preference of each gift, I acknowledge that my gift is a gift to the ministry of Global Aid Network (GAiN). As such, I understand that even though I have expressed my preference, Global Aid Network (GAiN) must retain the discretion to use my gift as it believes will best advance its charitable purposes. If my preference changes, it is my responsibility to inform Global Aid Network (GAiN).


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You can also donate by Cheque made to ‘Global Aid Network GAiN’ and post to PO Box 674, Merrylands, NSW 2160.


In-kind donations are greatly appreciated. 

Physical items can be received at our offices in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Items such as reading glasses, medical supplies, new clothing or new toys will be donated to those in need during our medical missions.


If you wish to donate physical items, please call us on (02) 8859 0410 or e-mail to arrange the details of your donation.