Setting up and taking part in education classes, agricultural projects, and building projects.

Building for growth and self-sufficiency

Long-term development is the key to building stable, sustainable societies that are better able to improve life for their people or withstand war and strife. Our holistic approach to development includes implementing different kinds of projects in the same area, which meets multiple needs and fosters sustainable communities. We desire to holistically meet people’s needs, and through like-minded in-country partners, seek to foster ongoing relationships in helping individuals rebuild their lives and hope for their futures.

GAiN Australia – Development

GAiN has been organising ongoing development projects aimed at helping improve the living condition of, create better and more self sustaining situations for the poor and needy in the different countries. Projects which have been successfully implemented or completed include the Thailand Red Lahu Student Hostel Project, the Philippines Meat Project, the Pig Farming Project, the Cambodia Water well and the Toilet Projects.  In the past, GAiN has organised Fish Farms, Pig Farms, Mushroom Farms and Corn Farms projects in conjunction with local churches and ministry partners in Thailand and elsewhere.  These projects have proven most helpful for local Christians and non Christians alike, in the areas of improving their health and hygiene conditions, education, cost of living and generally, to have a better life and more successfully adapt to longer term changes in their environment.


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