About Us

What does GAiN Australia do?

GAiN Australia operates in areas of South East Asia such as Cambodia, India and the Philippines. Our work involves sending medical mission teams to these areas, providing humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and supplies, and partnering with local organisations to develop year-round projects. In addition, GAiN Australia mobilises Australian businesses and organisations to make in-kind donations for distribution to GAiN’s local partners. GAiN also works in West Africa through the Water for Life initiative, providing clean water and health education.

White Icon Water for Life


Water for Life Initiative – providing capped wells of safe, pure water for the thirsty

White Icon Humanitarian Aid


Humanitarian Aid – administering food for the hungry, shelter and clothing for the homeless, medical relief for the needy and counselling for the traumatised

White Icon Women and Children


Women and Children – offering the support of safe and loving homes that nurture and equip children and destitute women for a hopeful future

White Icon Disater Response


Disaster Response – provision of emergency food, water, shelter and clothing

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Development – setting up and taking part in education classes, agricultural projects, and building projects

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